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This website, a personal project, was created from scratch using SciTE and static HTML4.01/CSS. The visual inspection an debuging is taking place using Opera 11.01.

I am regularly updating the CSS and HTML code to accommodate (as much as possible) a large variety of web browsers and devices (eg. hand-held, notebooks, e-book readers) without resorting to JavaScript.

Please let me know (at if you find errors in the pages or the website does not render properly in your viewing device/browser.


πMath will be a math package to implement linear algebra methods and algorithms. It aims to provide vector and matrices based on abstract classes to aid the implementation, research and debugging of numerical analysis algorithms.


Using πMath the programmer should be able to develop his algorithm (test and debug) without the need to compile or install external libraries. If the algorithm needs to be optimized (e.g. memory usage, speed, accuracy) the programmer should be able to create new backends and transparently switch the vector and matrix classes to others that has these desired properties (e.g. numpy or mpmath). Ideally, this transition should take place with very small changes in the core implementation of the algorithm. πMath will attempt to approximate this ideal.

To achieve these goals the projects development will be concentrated on the following challenges:

Documentation, Repository

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